Friday, February 12, 2010

Internet Genealogy Groups - surname database

Surname Search in Genealogy Groups Database

This is a database of surnames that appear in several internet genealogy groups. The database is for anyone who is researching their genealogy so that they may be able to find a group that is possibly researching their ancestry and join it to connect with a researcher who is also researching their surname. There are several ways to view the data.

  1. Internet Genealogy Groups: Database Archive - Surname Search in Genealogy Groups (*Best - Genealogy Group links have been added along with a site search.)
  2. You may view the Surname Search in Genealogy Groups database on Google sites: . (Group managers are encouraged to collaborate here using Google Docs.)
  3. Or view it in html:*Not recommended - Large file is slow to load - No right clicking anywhere on this website.)

Oftentimes, when one is conducting research, we come across materials that ARE NOT on the person we are specifically looking for AND THIS information may be helpful to someone else. For those of you researching the SAME SURNAME this database can assist in finding a genealogy group to join and connecting with a researcher who is researching the same surname.

Not everyone will find their surname on the list, but the fact that there are over 10,000 surnames in 18 groups just floored me. Creating the database was fun and the results are free for all to peruse.

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